5 Ways to Stay Safe While Travelling With Kids This Summer


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If you’ve ever had your car break down while you have the kids in the car with you, you’ll know about the lovely added element of stress and safety that comes with having restless children in the back seat. Let me clarify what I mean by ‘added element’

  • They will suddenly need to go to the toilet, eat something or vomit
  • They will ask endless questions about the car and how they are going to get to your destination that your brain will hurt as you try to think about the car and how on Earth you’re going to get to your destination.
  • They will want to get out of the car to stretch their legs and see the engine/busted tyre/other themselves
  • If they’re really young, they will cry – a lot
  • If they’re really, really young they will poo in their nappy, and you’ll be missing your packet of wipes.

Oh how fun travelling with kids is! Actually, it can be pretty good – as long as the car doesn’t break down. If it does, just make sure you can rely on roadside service and assistance to back you up. Cars can breakdown anytime anywhere, whether they are old or new. There’s lots of safety tips for when you’re waiting for roadside service too.

As someone who has managed a 4-6 hour (one way) roadtrip every summer since the kids were born we know what we need to do to stay safe with the kids.

If you are planning on doing some travelling too, here’s what you might want to remember!

1.Give the car an all-round safety check: Kind of a given, whether you have kids or not. But if it’s needed, get that car service before Christmas or get the tyres replaced. It’s tough and hard on the wallet in December, but it’s a small price to pay in comparison to what might happen if you don’t.

2.Check car seats: Now is a good time to check your car seats and make sure everyone is strapped in correctly. Do you need to put your seats up a notch, or do you have a wriggler who keeps taking their arms out of the straps? We use a houdini strap on our 2 year old and they work wonders!

3.Take breaks if you’re tired or the kids are driving you crazy: If you haven’t been able to share the driving with your partner or you’re both just plain exhausted, take a break! Another reason to take a break is because WHINING KIDS. Yes – whining, crying and fighting children in the back seat can be incredibly stressful and distracting when you are trying to focus on the road. Rather than trying to bark orders at them while you weave your way through traffic, it pays to pull over and drop one of the kids off…just joking, pull over and let them stretch their legs. Hopefully that will give you a little less whine time when they get back in the car.


4.Pack a first aid kit: If you don’t have a bandaid or a spew bag, what do you think you’re going to end up needing on your roadtrip? You guessed it! A bandaid or a spew bag. You can get pre-made first aid kits at plenty of shops so it really takes little effort. Just pop it in your glovebox then you don’t have to worry as your kids going exploring new playgrounds and parks on your trip.

5.Pack plenty of water and never leave the kids unattended: Sounds pretty obvious, but often we fill up with water to start with on our trip and then forget to re-fill our bottles later on. If your child becomes ill and you’re a long way to your next stop, you’ll be really wishing you had that water. So don’t just pack some, remember to re-fill bottles whenever you get the chance at stops. Don’t leave the kids unattended in the car under any circumstance, even if your car breaks down or you’ll risk things happening that I don’t even want to think about.

If you’re looking for roadside assistance, car insurance or plenty of other services to keep you safe while travelling this summer check out MYNRMA.

How do you stay safe when travelling with your kids?


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