5 Tips on Toddlers at Luna Park – St Kilda

Last week we ventured into the whimsical, colourful, ever-dizzying world that is Luna Park. We didn’t meticulously plan. Overall we had a BLAST! Even I, (who does not ‘do’ rides) had a great amount of fun! We came away chatting about how good it was, along with what we would do next time to ensure we got the most out of the day.

Luna Park 2

Luna Park – Let’s Go Flying!

Here’s some of the things we discovered when taking little people to Luna Park for the day.

1.Buy WEB tickets and get there when they open
We were given a web voucher for Christmas (thanks Grandpa!) and we realised just how handy that was, when we saw that the line for purchasing tickets was triple the length than the one for web tickets. It meant we got in and managed a few good rides before the lines at the rides really started piling up.

2. Do the kid’s stuff FIRST
The boys showed a fair bit of stamina, but after lunch Jeremy fell asleep in the pram and Tom was absolutely wrecked. It would have been better to knock off as many rides for them as possible while they were fresh, then to have them wait around for the adults to be finished with their rides.

3. Check height restrictions before you go
Knowing what the boys could or couldn’t go on would have helped before we got there, however, we felt there was plenty for both to do. Tom was just slightly short for a few rides though, perhaps next year! He still managed the Ghost Train, Carousel, Serpent, Simulator, Mirror Maze, Train Ride and more! Plenty for a 3 year old. You can check height restrictions on their website.

4. Only take a pram if you have to
The pram was handy to carry all the food, water bottles and so on, but it was tricky if we wanted to split up as many rides didn’t have a spot to put your pram. We were then left waiting around for one or the other adult to finish so we could get kids on rides while someone watched the pram. If you need to take a pram, being with a group would be so much better, because there’d be plenty of ways to split up and look after each other’s belongings!

5. Account for the weather
Luckily, the weather was ‘ok’ for us, but warmer weather would have been awesome! Parts of Luna Park can close or they even close early if it’s too windy/dangerous for particular rides. It’s probably best not to plan too far ahead, so that you’re able to check the forecast first!

FINALLY…don’t underestimate your children. Tom, too scared to go on jumping castles, walk wobbly bridges on playgrounds or be up high, held my hand in the ghost train and did the mini-rollercoaster that made me completely sick when I was in Primary School. He did all this with a Maccas breakfast in his belly, and not one complaint. I was impressed! He has since gone on a jumping castle too 😉

luna park collage

Have you been to Luna Park? Any tips to share?


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