5 Things You Might Do After Leaving a Crying Child at School, Kinder or Daycare

the boys to school

It’s the pits. I left a crying child at daycare today. This is the first (but won’t be the last) time he cried. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know any parent who can walk away from the situation without feeling the excessive pull of heart strings. Here’s what you might do later…


Yep. Hopefully you will do it after you’ve made it back to the car. Then you will sob. Then you will imagine going back in there and getting them. Then you will imagine them crying all day. Then you’ll convince yourself to imagine that they’ll be fine in 5 minutes. You’ll do this all, while sobbing into your steering wheel.

2. Stress Clean

I almost always stress clean. I clean with tears rolling down my face. I clean when I’m trying not to face an inevitable argument. Finally, I clean when I leave my kids crying at daycare. At least the house is shiny.

3. Be SUPER efficient

Whether you are at work or home you will become a super-efficient speed demon. The faster you work, the quicker time will go, and the sooner you’ll get to pick them up right? That’s my reasoning. You’ll have all your jobs done by 10am and be frantically looking for the next thing…anything to stop yourself from thinking that they are STILL crying (and they’re probably not).

4. Call the school/centre

An hour in, you’ll think calling the centre might be a good idea. It will put your mind at ease. Except if they say your child is still unsettled but to stick it out. Then you will repeat steps 1,2 and 3 in overdrive.

5. Have Self-Doubt

This is the worst thing I should have done. I mean, I don’t really need my sanity or to go back to work or to have time to breathe, do I? Maybe my kids are going to be homeschooled? Don’t be ridiculous. Breathe, have your sanity and get back to work. They will be OK.

What can you add to the list?

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