5 Things Country Living Has Given My Kids

Blogging, where have you been? You float around in my head in titles, sentences and clever puns. They happen when I’m in the shower or on a walk. It all sounds so very right at the time, and then I’m distracted. I look over there – a box, a child emptying items of the box, items strewn all over the house, and what was that phone call I needed to make? Whoosshh! Blog disappears.

The above is called moving with 2 toddlers. It’s something I don’t plan on doing ever again. Enough said.

The excitement of the move overshadowed a few things, which are now creeping into my mind and making my eyes a little bit wetter. The memories come back to me as I’m taking a picture off the wall, walking down the street, or chatting to someone. Living here was never permanent for us. It was never the ‘big picture’ as each family surely has their own. It has however, become that step towards the bigger picture, and some of the things it gave our kids make it all worth it.

1. Country Living Has Given My Kids Support

We brought both our babies home in this town. I still remember the first time we took Tom out. It was the day of the St Arnaud Street Festival. It took us forever to get from one end of the street to the other, as we ran into people congratulating us. We were literally showered with gifts from people in town and both times we brought home babies, plates of food from our neighbour appeared on our doorstep.

Country living supported us, to support our kids. I won’t forget.

2. Country Living Has Given My Kids Familiarity

Tom knows our streets and the shops as well as I do. He weaves in and out of shopping aisles, safe. The girls at the front are looking out for him. They fix his shirt, do up his shoe, chat to him about his day. He loves feeding the ducks and going to the library. Everywhere we go he is greeted with familiar people and even those we aren’t familiar with, we say hi to anyway. The town might seem small to me sometimes, but to him, it is the perfect size.

At the Playground

3. Country Living Has Educated My Kids

Here, we are not caught up in the busyness of a big town or city. We walk in the quiet streets and talk about the seasons, so very evident in our town. We talk about trucks and tractors and what kind of work they might be heading to as they drive past. We talk about what the kangaroo signs mean while we are driving and how the sun sets and the moon rises. Country living eliminates skylines and leaves only land.

4. Country Living Has Given My Kids Sausage Sizzles

Ohhh sausage sizzles are in abundance around here. I know they are everywhere, but come November, there’s a sausage sizzle on for something nearly every week! I used to be so hands off cheap sausages, but hey, they’re good in moderation. I think 3 months of the year is pretty good. Kids love them.

5. Country Living Grew my Kids UP

Country living is usually at a slow pace, but the kids have grown up pretty fast and they are the complete opposite of slow. They grew up here, amongst friends and support in tough times. Country living grew my kids, and grew them good.

We are excited about the move, or we wouldn’t be leaving. However, there’s plenty that won’t be forgotten and will be missed by all.

Tom on truck

Are you in the country? What has it given your kids?


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