3 Important Factors about Scooters for Toddlers

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This is a review for Globber Scooters.

When Tom started going to 3 year old kindergarten, his favourite thing was being outside on the scooters. They had a track that looped and he would go around and around. Having not grown up with scooters myself I hadn’t even thought of them as something we could have around the house. However, he wasn’t overly keen on riding anything at home other than his balance bike so I was starting to think a scooter would be a good idea!

When we moved, we also left behind the kinder with the ultra cool scooters. Shortly after that, I received the Globber scooter to review and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

This scooter is built for toddlers and beyond. It has 3 adjustable heights for the handlebar, lockable front steering and more.


So, what do I think are the benefits of scooters?

1.Physical Development

It seems obvious I know, but scooters are great for physical development. It builds a child’s skills and confidence in a gentle way, because they can always put their foot out to stop themselves at any time! Scooters are great for balance, strengthening upper and lower bodies and developing gross motor skills. All of this helps with sport skills and using other equipment like bikes.

2. Safety Factors

Scooters are a whole lot of fun and I certainly wouldn’t be denying my toddler one, but you can spot a cheap scooter a mile away. They don’t fold properly, they have sharp edges or their wheels are flimsy. The Globber scooter isn’t a ‘cheap’ investment but it’s an investment into your child’s safety. Even so though, if we are leaving the house and scooting along a longer space where speed can be built up quickly, we don’t go without extra safety (helmet, shin pads etc.)

3. Fun and easy to pack

Riding scooters are a lot of fun! They provide a variety and a change from the classic ‘bike’. They are guaranteed to tire your little one out. They’re great to use when travelling or going for walks with family. The Globber scooter folds up into practically NOTHING so it’s the perfect option for us to take on our next holiday.

The Globber scooter is the perfect Christmas gift! The Globber my FREE is $120RRP. There’s also the My FREE 4 in 1 for younger children which you can start with that has a seat and handlebar for 12 months + and they make some pretty cool scooters for adults too!


Is a scooter on your shopping list this year?

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