Toddler Planner in Review

I don’t like Pinterest very much when it comes to crafts or activities you can do at home with children. It leaves me feeling inadequate and ridiculously time poor. I mean, how come those mums have the time to make rainbow spaghetti AND homemade puffy paint AND scented playdough, and I only have time to Read more about Toddler Planner in Review[…]

Free Weekly Toddler Planner Printable

Jeremy came into our world (surprisingly) 2 weeks ago. Being 4 weeks early, it wasn’t quite on my agenda. All frozen meal making, packing, organising and cleaning went out the window. With my husband going back to work this week, it’s time for me to implement things that will hopefully save my sanity with a Read more about Free Weekly Toddler Planner Printable[…]