I’m not a fashion blogger but…*GIVEAWAY ENDED*

Congratulations Nicole Z. You are the winner of the Leona Edmiston Giveaway. Thanks for entering everyone and stay tuned for more giveaways on School of Mum! This is a sponsored post. I am not a fashion blogger. Or a fashionista…or fashion anything. I’m just an ordinary person who likes certain things but is mostly swayed Read more about I’m not a fashion blogger but…*GIVEAWAY ENDED*[…]

When you shouldn’t diagnose children…

You know when you shouldn’t diagnose children? You should never diagnose them ONLINE. Everywhere I look, parents are reaching out online, asking for advice or wondering what other people’s thoughts might be on a particular situation. I’ve done it plenty of times. Being a first-time parent, I’ve asked for help, I’ve googled the “When will Read more about When you shouldn’t diagnose children…[…]

Ears – Sticky situations and more! *GIVEAWAY ENDED*

Congratulations Jen and Trish! You are the winner of this giveaway. If you didn’t win this time, stay tuned for more amazing giveaways soon! My little man’s ears are so prone to ear infections and wax build-up that I am constantly paranoid that any cold, water or excessive noise will give him an infection. When Read more about Ears – Sticky situations and more! *GIVEAWAY ENDED*[…]

Homework – helping set good habits

Guest Post by Lorraine Salvi As a new mum to the schooling life (Kindergarten this year) I am finding the ‘School’ experience somewhat overwhelming, especially the process of undertaking homework in the afternoons. Now the sad thing with all of this is that my daughter actually likes homework and wants to do it. I do Read more about Homework – helping set good habits[…]

Kids in the Country vs Suburbia (COMPETITION attached)

This is not a sponsored post. The Morshead Family – Supplying to Kellogg’s for over 50 years. I grew up in suburbia. It started off as a ‘regional’ town. But as time went on, it got busier and busier, shops became shopping complexes and roads became highways. It wasn’t long before it was a suburb, Read more about Kids in the Country vs Suburbia (COMPETITION attached)[…]