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When you’re a teacher (and an organisational freak) like myself, you know what you love and what you detest when it comes to students’ school supplies and stationery. Sometimes you’re a big kid at heart too and you marvel at all the new and wonderful things kids bring into school. I don’t know how many times I’ve said “What is that? A sharpener?” Only to hear, “Yeah Mrs East, it works like this!” “Wow, cool!” I reply, secretly wishing that it was sitting in my stationery cup on my desk!

So when Blogs & PR contacted me to review and giveaway $160 of 2kool4skool‘s products, I had a look at their website, decided pretty quickly I would LOVE their products, and had them send it out to me to try. Here’s what I loved and I know you will too!


Contacting books is important. It extends the life of exercise books and children tend to want to maintain their books better rather than scribble, bend and sometimes, tear them! Often you have amazing parents or a teacher aide contacting books and sometimes (groan) the teacher has to do the lot themselves. It’s hard work, tedious, there’s that really annoying bubbling of contact if you don’t do it right, and did I mention it’s really tedious?

OUT with contact and in with this brilliant invention please!

The covers just slip over the books like a dust jacket and has this neat inside pocket to hold a pencil or pen (see below). Fantastic! No more “Why haven’t you started yet?” “Because I can’t find my pencil…” as they dig through their pencil case that’s as big as their school bag *sigh*. Love that this simple pocket can eliminate THAT problem. And the cover designs are super, super kool!


So, Mr.T obviously can’t use everything I received and I am totally nabbing this cookie-smelling pen for my business’ office that I’m currently designing. I figure every time I need a sugar craving I’ll give this deliciously smelling pen a whiff and voila! I’ll be satisfied and sugar-free…

There’s also the scratch and sniff labels. The scratch and sniff is back! Loving it. Brings me back.

Now something Mr.T could get into was the crayons. They have a unique peel design which I really liked. They are so much better than crayons that wind-up, wind-down, then break. You can keep using these crayons until they actually run out. Their colours are really nice and bold and well. Our little artist agreed…

2Kool4Skool.com.au also carry a range of great products like rubbers, ID wallets, headphones, combination locks and more. They also donate 10% of their profits to Demazong Academy in Sikkim, which is the smallest Indian state on the Nepalese border. This helps the academy build up their own educational supplies.

Overall, I’m proud to be supporting and endorsing a fantastic Australian business, with a great range of products and one that contributes to the less fortunate too.

I received products to trial, and keep in exchange for this review and giveaway. All opinions, however, are my own. I only review and give away items I fully endorse and believe to be of quality, to my readers,

GIVEAWAY: The exciting part is, with the help of Blogs&PR, 2kool4skool.com.au is bringing $160 worth of products to one of my lucky readers! And best of all, it will be TAILORED to suit your family’s needs.
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